Friday, November 23, 2007

Kissing Techniques- The Power Of The Kiss

kissing techniques
Why have most us forgotten the power of the kiss? Why is it that a kiss was exciting to us as a teenager, but now it's just a formality (if you're that lucky!). I'm sure you remember playing around with different kissing techniques, just to impress your "boo"! Why did all that have to stop?

Kissing is one of the most erotic acts that a couple can share. When two people have strong feelings for each other, there is no better feeling in the world! I will never forget my first meaningful kiss! My stomach was spinning, my body was shaking, and my mind was completely at ease! That's the power of a kiss!

A kiss has the ability to change moods. When you feel sad, a kiss from your other half can brighten your day! They also have the ability to heal wounds. After a heated argument, a kiss can make you forget why you even argued in the first place! A good-night kiss can bring on wonderful dreams, and one in the morning can be the start of a great day!

If you are with someone that you really appreciate, whether it is your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, do not let the power of a kiss go to waste! Do not savor it's benefits for a short time, and then forget about it in the future! Most couples kiss on a regular basis during the early years of a relationship, but sooner or later, the kiss leads to other things (use your imagination)! Because of these other things, couples begin to skip the kiss, and get straight to the other stuff!

If this sounds like your situation, maybe its time to go back to the basics of the kiss. You are leaving so much on the table by skipping the kiss! Unleash the power of the kiss! Continue to improve your kissing techniques, and I can guarantee that your love life will improve too!